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Dr Yasin El-Wajeh

Oral Surgeon

Yasin is a dually qualified surgeon, having studied medicine first, followed by dentistry at the University of Sheffield.  He developed his surgical skills through undertaking a two-year core surgical training programme in the Yorkshire and Humberside region, which included development of generic surgical skills.  He then worked at specialist registrar level in oral and maxillofacial surgery, in which on-call responsibilities included the surgical management of trauma patients across the whole of the South Yorkshire region. This hands-on experience provided him with invaluable experience into the surgical management of both hard and soft tissue head and neck surgery, more specifically oral surgery related to treating patients with the most complex needs in terms of dental care required or complex medical histories (Tier 3 services).  Additionally, he holds Level/Tier 2 accreditation for the practice of oral surgery in primary care settings.

Beyond his clinical practice, Yasin enjoys academia, contributing to numerous high-impact factor journals on a diverse array of educational and surgical topics. His commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements underscores his dedication to providing optimal care to his patients.  Driven by a patient-centric philosophy, Yasin views healthcare not just through the lens of a clinician but also through that of the patient. This ethos ensures that he consistently delivers a high standard of patient care and clinical professionalism, fostering trust and confidence among those under his care.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Yasin enjoys numerous sports, and for his sins is an ardent supporter of Arsenal FC.

In his practice, Yasin offers a comprehensive range of treatments tailored to meet the diverse needs of his patients, including:

– Simple extractions

– Surgical extractions

– Removal of impacted wisdom teeth

– Cyst enucleation

– Apicectomy

– Canine exposure

– Oral soft tissue biopsy

– Skin biopsy

– Lipoma and sebaceous cyst removal

-Skin tags and mole removal