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Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

Often when patients have severe tooth decay, we can save the tooth with a procedure known as root canal treatment. Here at the forum we have a dentist with a special interest in Endodontics, Dr Richard Allott, who is an expert at root canal treatment.

Dr Allott will happily accept referrals from your practice for Endodontics – take a look at some of his impressive case studies in our before and afters section.

So what is Endodontics?

Endodontics is a specialist field of dentistry which involves the treatment of blood vessels, neural and connective tissues inside the roots of a tooth. Endodontic procedures reduce pain, swelling, and remove infection. There are various reasons why you may need to see an Endodontist, but the primary aim is always to save your tooth.

The visible part of your tooth is what’s known as the ‘crown’. It is the hidden areas of the tooth where Endodontics is concerned, that of the root canal. It is not uncommon for bacteria to enter the tooth root as a result of decay, fracture, gum disease, or various other problems and this can seriously damage the tooth and increase the risk of that tooth being lost altogether. The Endodontist deals with this by removing the diseased pulp in order to save the tooth. This provides an alternative to having the tooth extracted.

How will I know if I need Endodontic treatment?

Treatment is required when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, whether that be the result of injury or trauma. Symptoms to look out for are pain, sensitivity to heat or cold, tooth discolouration, and swelling.

How can this treatment help my tooth?

The Endodontist will remove the inflamed or infected pulp, carefully cleaning and shaping the root canal and sealing the prepared space. Root canal treatment can often be performed in a single appointment of between 90 minutes and 2 hours. After successful treatment the tooth will continue to function normally.

How is root canal therapy performed?

The first step of root canal treatment is to use a cleaning instruments to identify the length of the tooth.

After cleaning and shaping is completed, a rubber filling is fitted in the root canal, heated, and compacted securely. Finally, when the case is complete, the bone will start to regenerate and the tooth is saved!

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